Commercial/Essential Services

In addition to providing manufactured and modular dwellings for private homeowners, West Coast Modulars also works with states, municipalities and public sector agencies on factory-built residential and commercial buildings that provide:

  • Office space
  • Personnel living quarters
  • Lockers and evidence rooms 

Why Choose Factory-Built?

The factory-built option is becoming more popular for essential services structures and other commercial projects.

Many government entities must contend with strict budgets and departmental reviews of all project funding. Modular building eases that financial burden by dramatically lowering construction costs and prevailing wage payments to project employees and subcontractors.

Building these structures in a controlled factory environment saves time, and can save tens of thousands of dollars on every project.

Meets All Construction Codes and Standards

Factory-built structures from West Coast Modulars meet all construction codes and standards, legal and regulatory requirements, and administrative processes, including those in the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 24, California Building Standards Code, and those adopted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Our representatives can work directly with you or your architect on any type of commercial or residential project.

Essential Services

In 1986, the California Legislature determined that buildings providing essential services should be capable of providing those services to the public after a disaster. Their intent in this regard was defined in legislation known as the Essential Services Buildings Seismic Safety Act of 1986 and includes requirements that such buildings shall be “designed and constructed to minimize fire hazards and to resist the forces of earthquakes, gravity and winds.”

At West Coast Modulars, all of our factory-built structures meet the stringent demands imparted in this legislation.

Commercial/Essential Services structures have more stringent building requirements as they are intended for public use. West Coast Modulars can produce factory built structures that will meet Essential Services Requirements and those of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which require inspections and government oversight.